05 Jun 2012

Martin Kollar @ BerlinSummerWorkshops

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Martin Kollar @ BerlinSummerWorkshops

As part of the BerlinSummerWorkshops the photographer Martin Kollar offers from 16th to 21th July 2012 the workshop “Any Moment Can Be Something” in Berlin. Applications until 19th June.

Martin Kollar studied at the Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava. He has been working as a freelance photographer and cinematographer. Not without humour and originating from a country with a strong photographic tradition, he has chosen the still image to uniquely document a nation changing from socialism to capitalism and the nationalist concerns rooted in this transformation.

In his workshop “Any Moment Can Be Something” Martin deals with photography as representations of the world by making images of life as it is. Photography is a matter of seeing.

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