26 Oct 2010

Life’s Like a Mayonnaise Soda: Christian Reister’s ALEX

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Life's Like a Mayonnaise Soda: Christian Reister's ALEX

The Alexanderplatz is open for everyone and more than any other place in Berlin representative for the city. The normal people come here for shopping, the freaks hang around at the fountains, the lovers join up at the world time clock and tourists gape at the spectacle.

The Berlin based photographer Christian Reister spent here his lunch break for three years and captured the life at the Alexanderplatz with an panoramic camera. Rough and dirty pictures came up this way, shot half of the hip. Now these images are pooled in a book.

In forty-seven images Christian Reister’s ALEX shows the people at the place: bustling pensioners, kissing teenagers and dancing bums. The images are rude, harsh and powerful, without fear of clichés. The people of Christian Reister’s book are like the place itself – despite all the ugliness they just go on.

A book like the hook in an old Reed Song: Life’s good. But not fair at all.

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