11 Mar 2010

Hanna Witte – Nacht.Leben

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Hanna Witte – Nacht.Leben

“Go clubbing has become an integral part of nowadays social interaction. From ‘night life’ we expect pleasure, desire, fun and hilarity – at least this is suggested by advertising and society. The photo designer Hanna Witte questioned these expectations in her series Nacht.Leben. Her portraits reveal the world of the protagonists during a clubbing night. The images provide glimpses and avoid giving away to much from the stories behind. They tell about a different story of clubbing nights – loneliness, rejection and isolation, while being surrounded by many people.”

Hanna Witte’s series “Nacht.Leben” (night-live) has been photographed very clean, but the work is nevertheless convincing. – Sometimes I feel that the ‘design’ in photo design is a little bit too much weighted at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund. ;-)

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    11 Mar 2010

    du hast die falsche url benutzt. das gibt einen schönen 404. ;)

    nimm besser diese hier:

    danke für den artikel. :-)

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    11 Mar 2010

    Hallo Jens,

    danke für den Hinweis. Ist jetzt korrigiert.
    Da hat sich wohl kurzfristig der Deep Link