22 Aug 2008

Friday Quote: Wolfgang Tillmans

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“The initial question everybody asks when confronted with a photograph is, who is it? Where is it? When was it made? How it was taken? A photograph is always seen through its content and rarely trough its presence as an object in itself.”

Wolfgang Tillmans

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    Bruno Trematore

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    01 Sep 2008

    When someone shows you a photo of his dog, he says: “this is my dog”. He doesn’t say: “this is a picture of my dog”.

    This way of thinking is embedded in the nature of photographs, because they resemble the pictured object in a way that no other form of art can.

    If I make a guitar solo and title it “sunset”, it will be different from the picture of the sunset taken at 19:25 of the 25th of August in Rome, while looking west and standing on a small hill. In this sense a photograph is “transparent” as an object itself.

    I would be interested to know if Tillmans makes only a neutral statement, wishes that the perception of the photograph as an object would be different, or likes it as it is.

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    02 Sep 2008

    I guess it is important for Tillmans to exceed this limitation of photography. The presentation of an image is as important as the image itself in Tillmans’ body of work.

    For example he shows perfectly framed images beside a simple color copy to make these inconsistencies more noticeable.