22 Oct 2007

Damian Zimmermann

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Damian Zimmermann’s photographic focus is on conceptual series and portrait photography.

His series “R45” combines portrait photography with landscapes and details. The title of the series “R45″ relates to code which classifies medical diagnoses. R45 stands for “symptoms relating to psychic moods” .

Worth seeing as well is Zimmermann’s book project “Trautes Heim” (cosy home), a collaboration with the photographer Nadine Preiss.
The book shows conditions of dissociation during the apartment liquidation of the widower Alois Rossa.

Damian Zimmermann, born in 1976, lives and works as journalist and photographer in Cologne.

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    22 Oct 2007

    hallo herr zimmermann,hassliebe gefällt mir sehr gut.
    in welcher göße ist es zu haben ( das bild).

    gruß wf

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    22 Oct 2007

    lieber damian,
    “trautes heim” ist wirklich eine eindrucksvolle arbeit, stimmt mich etwas traurig…
    beste grüße