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28 Sep 2007

Automobile Fairs

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I’ m not interested in cars. So I never visited an automobile fair. In fact I don’t like cars although I use them occasionally. If possible I prefer to use public transportation.

But the photography of Stefan Abrams, who photographed visitors of automobile fairs in his series “Auto Show”, is absorbing.

Please check the work of the Dutch photographer Jacqueline Hassink as well. She photographed auto fair hostesses in her series “Car Girls”.

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24 Sep 2007

Marion Poussier – Ein Sommer

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In her series “A Summer” the French photographer Marion Poussier looks into a youth holiday camp and captures the profiles of teenagers in this special surrounding.

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23 Sep 2007

Göran Gnaudschun

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Goeran Gnaudschun, born 1971, studied at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and was a master student of Timm Rautert. He lives and works in Potsdam.

Within the series “Longe – 44 Leningrad” (1994-1996) and “Vorher muesst ihr uns erschießen” (1996-2001) documents Gnaudschun in a subjective style his personal surroundings as a member of a punk band and a squatter in Potsdam.
In “Portraits” (1996-2001) he uses the camera as a specific tool to provoke a reaction in his counterparts. This mode of operation is continued and improved in the series “Reif” (2001-2003) and “Neue Portraits” (work in progress). Goeran Gnaudschuns portfolio is available as PDF here.

“While doing a portrait a fragile state can arise when humans apparently discover themselves. For a short moment it seems to be possible that the inside and the outside forms a unity. It takes place between tension and release, between control and self-abandonment. It is transient and the photography is the only remembrance at it.” – Goeran Gnaudschun

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21 Sep 2007

Friday Quote: Anton Corbijn

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“I see photography as an adventure. I like to discover where my boundaries are and what I can do with each person I met.”

Anton Corbijn

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19 Sep 2007

Cuny Janssen

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I like the child portraits of Cuny Janssen.

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18 Sep 2007

Wiebke Loeper and Judith Samen in Stuttgart

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Until 10th of November 2007 the gallery Schwefel presents work of Wiebke Loeper and Judith Samen. Title of the show is “Remembrance: about reconstruction of childhood”.

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17 Sep 2007

Young Photography at Fjord

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Fjord is a project that showcases the photography of young, up-and-coming photographers. Actually there are already more than fifty photographers bunched together.

Have a look and enjoy! Thanks to Chrischa for sending the link.

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14 Sep 2007

Friday Quote: Franz Kafka

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You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

Franz Kafka, 1884 – 1924

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14 Sep 2007

Alison Jackson – Confidential

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I don’t like Paparazzi photos at all, but the faked celebrity shots of the British artist Alison Jackson are a funny thing.

Her work has now been published by Taschen in the book “Confidential“.

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